Computer-Guided Surgery

Patients find digital x-rays much more comfortable than film x-rays and they are a real time saver.

Our practice is committed to bringing the safest and highest quality of care to our patients. Our state-of-the-art system enables us to provide greatly improved diagnostic capabilities to our patients while significantly lessening their exposure to radiation by up to 80 percent over film x-rays. We know this will be very important to many.

While traditional film x-rays have been the standard for diagnosing dental problems for the past 90 years, digital x-rays offer substantial benefits over film. Our patients find it is more comfortable than film, and it’s a real time-saver over the previous technology.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

  • Saves Time: Images are available instantly on a computer screen because there is no film to develop.
  • Enhances Diagnosis: Images can be enlarged and manipulated on screen to help dentists see abnormalities more clearly and earlier than possible with traditional film.
  • Reduces X-Ray Exposure: You are exposed to 40 to 60 percent less radiation when compared with traditional x-rays.
  • Enhances Patient Understanding: Problems and treatments are easier to understand because you can visualize them.
  • Eliminates Bio-Hazardous Chemicals: Darkroom and developing chemicals are no longer needed creating a safer treatment environment for everyone.

We strongly believe that our patients' comfort is an important part of quality dental care.

We strive to make your visits with us as comfortable and pleasant as possible by creating a warm and caring environment. We strongly believe that our patients’ comfort is an important part of quality dental care. We are here to listen to your questions and concerns and to help provide solutions leading to your better health. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions regarding your care.